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Character name: Tina Belcher
Character journal: [personal profile] continuousgroaning
Series name: Bob’s Burgers
Canon notes: Tina will be original universe with a canon point of after the season 5 episode, “The Oeder Games”.

Species: Human, with nothing ordinary or supernatural about her.

History: A NOTE: Bob’s Burgers runs on sitcom time, meaning Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas happen every year, yet the characters never age. So even though this history will span several years, Tina remains eternally 13.

Tina Belcher’s year of birth is never stated, but she was the first child and eldest daughter born to Bob and Linda Belcher. Tina showed many of her quirks and personality traits at a young age; in flashbacks, she’s seen making her trademark groaning noise as an infant when her parents are trying to get her to speak, and she gained a love of horses when Bob let her ride a carousel. Her younger brother Gene came along when she was two years old, and her sister Louise when she was four; though we have yet to see how she reacted to this news at the time, Tina and her siblings have a close relationship in the present day. The three kids grew up working in their parents’ hamburger restaurant, helping with age-appropriate tasks, and by the time the series begins, Tina’s main jobs are acting as the waitress and running the grill when her parents are busy with prep.

The first major milestone Tina sees in the series is her 13th birthday. Her dad takes an extra job driving a cab in order to afford a more extravagant party, but Tina feels like the night is for nothing because her crush, Jimmy Pesto Jr., has been forbidden to attend. However, she has a change of heart when some of the friends Bob made on his cab driving job remind her that her father worked hard to make sure she had a special day, and her wish comes true when Jimmy Jr. is allowed to come to the party after all. Tina shares a magical first kiss with him under the disco ball. This would be the beginning of a long on and off-again romance with Jimmy Jr.; she doggedly pursues him over the next several years, though his reciprocation is uneven and at some points he actively ignores her.

Tina experiments a little with teenage rebellion when she’s chosen to show around Tammy, a new transfer student. Tina, desperate to make a new friend, latches onto Tammy and gets herself in trouble with her parents when she adopts Tammy’s bad attitude and sassy mouth. Tina’s good nature soon wins out, however, and she tries to break things off before Tammy reveals that she’s stolen a notebook full of Tina’s erotic friend fiction (romantic stories she wrote about herself and Jimmy Jr.) and threatens to read it to the whole school if Tina doesn’t go along with her. After a heart to heart with Linda, Tina realizes she’s not embarrassed by her friend fiction, and ends up writing a new story about the power of butt-touching, reading it out loud at lunch to negate Tammy’s attempt to blackmail her. Despite Tammy’s treatment of her, Tina keeps trying to make friends with her over and over during the coming years, with Tammy almost always dismissing Tina and deliberately excluding her at every turn.

Later, when running an errand with Bob, he decides to give Tina an impromptu driving lesson… and the nervous Tina ends up crashing into the only other car in the parking lot. She becomes increasingly frazzled when she’s forced to lie to cover their tracks, and soon she and Bob are blackmailed into helping Chase, their insurance adjuster, commit fraud. However, some quick thinking on Tina’s part saves them, when she uses Gene’s electronic keyboard to record Chase admitting to his scheming. Tina bonds with her father again soon after when Linda drags Louise off for a mother-daughter day; Tina, feeling self-conscious about her leg hair after hearing an offhand negative comment from a classmate, asks Bob for help and the two end up getting waxed together, though Tina later regrets her choice and reasons that she shouldn’t shave just because she thinks her peers will judge her.

Tina continues to grow in self-confidence, overcoming a bad case of stage fright from earlier in life, when she auditions for the Wagstaff School news program and ends up going rogue in order to investigate a series of incidents where someone leaves poop all over the school. In the process, she ends up bonding with Jimmy Jr.’s best friend Zeke, who becomes part of her and her siblings’ social circle. Tina also meets a boy her age, Josh, during Linda’s brief tenure as a supermarket manager. Josh shows a genuine interest in her, which raises Jimmy Jr.’s ire, and the two boys end up getting into a dance-off to win her affections and the right to be her date to a dance. Josh, however, becomes frustrated at her inability to choose and tells her to come back when she’s ready to commit to one guy, and Tina chooses to keep pursuing Jimmy Jr. Tina and Louise then bond over Tina’s favorite boy band, Boyz 4 Now, and Tina helps Louise deal with her first ever crush- on the band’s youngest member, Boo Boo. Louise admits that she has no idea how Tina handles being in love with so many boys at once, and Tina modestly replies that she’s no hero for being able to do so.

Later, her friendship troubles with Tammy are compounded when Tammy refuses to invite Tina to her bat mitzvah (despite inviting all of the rest of their classmates), and Tina ends up going anyway when Tammy’s family hires the Belchers to cater. Through Louise’s machinations, Tina ends up taking over as the party planner and actually does a stellar job- though she completely overshadows the party girl, who ended up trapped with Louise inside a giant replica of Tammy’s head, which Louise was quite unhappy about.

Tina’s rebellious side comes out again when she, Gene and Louise are left with the Belchers’ friend and best customer Teddy while Bob and Linda are on a weekend getaway. Tina becomes smitten with sandwich delivery boy Jonas, and he convinces her to open the restaurant for him and his friends, cook them burgers, and later sneak out to hang out on the beach. Jonas and his friends then persuade her to break into a lighthouse, but leave her behind when the authorities show up. Tina is apprehended by a Park Ranger, but Teddy is able to spring her from custody, and she ends up showing remorse for her actions when Bob and Linda come home early to find Teddy and the kids on the beach instead of at home where they should be.

One day, Tina, Gene and Louise find a lump of ambergris (whale vomit, more or less, highly prized as an ingredient in perfume and also highly illegal to sell) on the beach. Gene and Louise scheme to sell it on the black market and split the cash three ways. However, Tina is the only one of the three to see the bigger picture, knowing the kids and their parents could get in serious trouble if caught. She ends up chucking the ambergris in a vat of hot oil to stave off the money-hungry Louise, who had almost handed it off to a criminal for sale, and Louise eventually ends up forgiving her for it, admitting that the prospect of money almost made her go off the deep end. However, Louise soon got Tina in trouble again when the kids went to the local amusement park, Wonder Wharf, and Tina was convinced to bike lock herself to a carousel slated for demolition, in an effort to save her favorite horse, Mr. Goiter. Meanwhile, their landlord Mr. Fischoeder and his brother Felix were at odds over whether to demolish the wharf and install luxury condos. The family soon faced a crisis when Felix kidnapped Bob and Mr. Fischoeder, tying them up under the pier to drown in the coming tide, and Tina and her family desperately searched for them when the police proved to be no help. Thankfully, Bob was saved at the last moment, and the family barely managed to make it out alive.

When the restaurant is suffering from a bug infestation they can’t get rid of due to the building supposedly being haunted, Tina, her mom, and her siblings use a Ouija board to try and contact the alleged spirit. They find that the ghost is a 13-year-old boy named Jeff, and Tina, convinced that he’s real, traps “Jeff” in a shoebox and treats him as her real boyfriend. The kids at school are persuaded to believe that Jeff is real, as well, and a jealous Tammy steals the shoebox, telling Tina that Jeff is her boyfriend now. A guilty Louise confesses to her family (out of Tina’s earshot) that she made the whole thing up and never expected everyone else to take it so seriously, and they’re unsure of how to stop it. On Halloween night, Louise and Gene scheme to scare Tammy by filling Jeff’s shoebox with bugs, and Tina unexpectedly shows up, locking the kids in a masoleum, where they find messages seemingly scrawled in blood on the wall. Tammy is thoroughly scared, until Tina admits that she’d overheard Louise’s confession about Jeff and had written the messages on the wall herself in ketchup to scare her schoolmates and shame Tammy for stealing “Jeff” from her. Her siblings are impressed with her.

Tina next displays a high level of cunning when she’s hired to smoke out a mole in her old troop of Thundergirls (an in-show expy of the Girl Scouts), outscheming even Louise and successfully finding out which of the girls was leaking tips about good places to sell cookies to a rival troop. Tina’s sense of responsibility is then put to the test when she’s up for a hall monitor promotion at school, but decides to shirk her responsibilities in order to help Zeke. Zeke claimed that he wished to take the school’s mascot costume so that he could entertain his grandmother before she went in for surgery, but the adults didn’t believe him. Tina, however, did, and put herself at risk to aid her friend, eventually proving that he was telling the truth..

When Tina, Louise and Gene aspire to join a go-karting league, Tina is recruited by a group of rich kids to drive their fancy go-kart, drawing the ire of Louise, who wanted them to rise through the ranks honestly in their home-made converted bumper car. The two compete head to head up until the Grand Prix race. Tina is about to win, but she has a change of heart when Louise’s car breaks down, and she pushes her sister over the finish line, allowing Belcher Racing to take first prize. Tina is then forced to team up with Tammy a few weeks later when the chinchilla Louise is pet-sitting escapes, and the two end up working well together, though Tammy still doesn’t consider Tina a friend. The two end up on the same side once again when the kids are all in Saturday detention and end up winning the freedom to leave early and attend a cotton candy festival.

Later, the town faces a crisis when Mr. Fischoeder threatens a rent hike. Bob convinces everyone to march on their landlord’s estate and promise to refuse to pay rent if he does raise it, only to find that Mr. Fischoeder proposing a water balloon war. The last person to stay dry would get their rent cut in half, while anyone who got hit would get their rent raised. Though Bob tried to convince everyone to stand their ground, he was forced into participating when even his family became excited by the idea. Tina manages to corner Zeke and Jimmy Jr., making the two give her increasingly extravagant promises for a date so that she doesn’t soak them. However, she ends up getting knocked out of the game later on, leaving Bob and Jimmy Pesto as the last ones standing. To shake things up, Mr. Fischoeder makes a rule change and promises that everyone who hits Bob will get a reduction on their rent, while Bob himself gets an increase with every water balloon he gets hit with himself, unless he can survive until sunset. Linda, however, manages to calm the crowd by reminding them that Bob has a floundering business and kids to take care of, and the family is left as they were before when Bob finally talks to Mr. Fischoeder man to man instead of storming in in a confrontational manner.

Personality: Tina Belcher is, in many ways, a typical teenage girl. At age 13, she is very crazy for boys and tends to fall in love easily, sometimes harboring dozens of crushes at once, and has a strong appreciation for men’s backsides. However, she takes her hormonal impulses in stride, and it never seems to bother her when the objects of her affection don’t return her feelings; she’ll simply move on to the next boy. There is one consistent target of her attentions, though- Jimmy Pesto, Jr., the son of her father’s biggest rival. Tina will do pretty much anything to get him to notice or go on dates with her, despite the fact that Jimmy Jr. alternates between barely seeming to realize she is there and becoming jealous when another boy is giving her attention. Time will tell whether or not they will ever be able to have a steady relationship. Tina can be very open- sometimes unsettlingly so- about her budding sexuality and how it sometimes intersects with her fandom interests. She unashamedly writes erotic fanfiction (and "friend fiction", stories involving her school friends) and indeed once read some in front of her entire school without embarrassment, to dissuade a classmate's attempt to blackmail her. Tina also loves horses and has had an imaginary pet horse named Jericho since she was little.

In general, Tina is a responsible and honest person. She's a diligent hall monitor at school and doesn't hesitate to mete out punishments, even to her own siblings, and is considered responsible enough to babysit said siblings for short periods of time while her parents are out. Tina absolutely hates lying and finds it hard to keep it to herself when she does have to lie. However, this is not to say that she doesn't have her moments of being a brat or a troublemaker. When it comes to boys she's attracted to or people she's trying to make friends with, Tina can be persuaded to break the rules and easily forgives people who are rude to her or have gotten her in trouble. This also shines through in her interactions with her siblings. Her younger sister Louise is known for coming up with many zany schemes, usually involving making money, getting revenge on someone who slighted the family, or simply causing trouble. Her brother Gene is always eager to go along, and while Tina tries to be the voice of reason, she's easily talked (or bullied) into things, and has been persuaded to do everything from locking herself to a carousel slated for demolition to betting her savings on a horse race to helping run an illegal casino in the basement of her parents' restaurant. However, she does have her limits, and has been able to get Louise to realize she's gone too far from a simple look (apparently Tina has a hell of a death stare, though only her siblings can distinguish it from her normal expression).

Tina can suffer from moments of uncertainty and self-doubt, too. She's infamous for making a groaning noise whenever she's nervous or unsure of herself, to the point where her dad sometimes has to scold her to stop. She used to have horrible stage fright, to the point where she couldn't even coherently call 911 when the restaurant's kitchen was on fire, but has since overcome this hurdle and performed in public several times. She can sometimes freeze up when she's nervous, such as the time she managed to hit the only other car in a large parking lot when her dad gave her an impromptu driving lesson. However, once she overcomes her nervousness, she can be quite capable of handling herself, and have and show a lot of self-confidence. Typically, all it takes for her to shake herself into action is reminding herself that she's capable.

The most important relationships Tina has are with her family. She, Gene and Louise grew up helping in the restaurant together with their parents Bob and Linda, and though they have friends outside of that, the siblings are most comfortable in each others' company and indeed seem to prefer sticking together. The three are rarely seen apart, even during school hours, and whatever situations they get into, they always have each others' backs. She's also fairly close with her parents, though slightly favors spending time with her father Bob, and is comfortable going to either parent for advice and help when needed. She doesn't often show the stereotypical teenage aversion to being seen in public with her folks, and has no problem assisting Bob and Linda in running errands or spending time with them at fairs and festivals at the nearby amusement park. Tina knows how much her parents care about her, and will try anything that strikes her fancy- from capoeira to appearing on a school news program to cheerleading- knowing she will have their full support.

Abilities: Tina is an ordinary human being with no supernatural abilities whatsoever.
Augment Skillset: Cook
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