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Tina Belcher | Bob's Burgers ([personal profile] continuousgroaning) wrote2017-04-03 01:24 pm
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Friend Fiction Permissions for [community profile] driftfleet

In canon, Tina writes notebooks full of erotic fanfiction, and when she runs out of shows and movies she knows, she starts writing erotic friend fiction, using people she knows as characters. Tina never writes anything more graphic than kissing and butt touching, but I know this can still be uncomfortable OOCly considering she's 13 years old, so I've created an opt-out post.

If you do not want Tina writing friend fiction about your character(s) at all, leave a comment saying so with their name(s) and journal name(s). I am 100% fine with total opt-outs!

If you would rather avoid any erotic content but are still OK with Tina writing more general fanfiction about your character(s), please leave a comment saying so along with their name(s) and journal(s).

All comments are screened for privacy. Thank you!